A Comprehensive Guide to Birthstones (by Month & Zodiac) – Part 3 of 3: How to Select Magical Gemstone Jewelry for Yourself and Your Favorite People

This is it – are you ready? Part 3 of our complete 3-part series on birthstone and zodiac gemstones is here. Don’t worry if you need to go back  it’s easy to see Parts 1 and 2 if you missed them. Just click here for Part 1… and click here for Part 2.

Up until now, I wanted to set the stage with history, traditions, and fun facts. But now ladies (and gents), I want to pull it all together and offer ideas and suggestions on selecting gemstones for yourself and others. In Part 3, let’s look at the why, how, and what, of choosing magical gemstone jewelry. Full disclosure – I’ll mix a little bit of science in here (I promise it’s not enough to geek you out)! 😉

If we asked, “What motivates you to buy gemstone jewelry for yourself?” – you might say:

  • I’m rewarding myself for an accomplishment.
  • I’m celebrating a milestone.
  • I’m commemorating a special memory.
  • I’m participating in a ceremony or ritual (e.g., religious, healing, celestial, etc.)
  • I need something to match my outfit.
  • I want to ‘just because…’!

And even if you’re buying a gift for someone else, the same reasons apply for them. This is our “why”. So, what comes after the why? It’s the “how” – how we assess and compare the wonderful options available to us.  

Of course, at the end of the day – we all choose what we like! 😍 What speaks to us... what we think our liked/loved ones would smile about. But in the meantime, we can consider a few gemstone properties and characteristics that support how to choose that magical piece for yourself and others.


Should you wear your gemstone jewelry all day… everywhere? At the gym, at the beach, at the office, in bed? Check out a few reminders to help with this question.

The durability and wearability of your gemstone jewelry (using the number shown on Mohs, the measurement of hardness scale) is a consideration:

  • Gemstones with a hardness of 7 or less, though fairly durable, aren’t great for daily wear. They are prone to scratches. Examples include Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Peridot, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Opal, Jadeite, Citrine, Bloodstone, Amethyst, and Chalcedony.
  • Gemstones with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, are more durable, but you should still take precautions when wearing them around exercise equipment or during other adventurous activities. Examples include Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Emerald, Topaz, Spinel, Blue Zircon, and Iolite.
  • Gemstones with a hardness above 8, up to 10, are highly wearable without much concern. Examples include Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond.
  • Softer gold or silver metals are easy to bend and scratch, so be careful on gym equipment.

The metal used in your gemstone jewelry can affect its wearability in wet conditions, or during high-level activities that make you sweat:

  • It’s okay to wear your jewelry during exercise with certain metals - your sweat and body oils won’t damage solid gold, gold fill, or sterling silver.
  • It’s not okay to sweat with jewelry that’s gold-plated over nickel, copper, and brass - they can corrode.
  • Swimming in the ocean’s salt and the pool’s chlorine can harm your jewelry.

In addition, the style of jewelry can impact it’s safety and wearability during physical activities. Avoid these types of pieces for safety reasons:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Styles that tug
  • Long necklaces
  • Loose bracelets
  • Bulky rings

Now think about your (or the gift recipient’s) lifestyle and activity level. Then remember these points when choosing your gemstone jewelry.


I believe there’s no age-based limits for gemstone jewelry. I’ve seen enough smiling ladies to know that females of every age can enjoy the same magical gemstone jewelry. My only reminder – is one about safety:

  • Keep jewelry pieces that can be tasted and swallowed far away from children.


A woman’s style can cover so many things… their clothes, look, temperament, energy, and more. When you add the different jewelry styles, the combinations are endless.

  • Will the piece complement your style of dress?
  • Will the piece feed your energy in a positive way?
  • Will the piece send conflicting messages about you?

The good news is – most gemstone pieces are versatile and work with all types of styles. What’s even better – you can choose gemstone jewelry to add contrast, intrigue, or some fun to your (or the gift recipient’s) style. 🙌

We’ve looked at the why and the how. Let’s wrap up with a look at “what” - using examples for a couple of holidays, a celestial ceremony, and milestones – birth and marriage.


You’ll get the luck of the Irish and sport the color green as part of your holiday outfit with the gemstone, Jadeite. As described in Part 2, Jadeite is believed to bring good luck, promote good health, and increase vitality. Our Prosperity Earrings are an excellent example as a holiday gift choice for yourself or your liked/loved ones.


Mom. Mama, Mother. These words bring to mind a powerful version of love that can be unstoppable. Black Chalcedony and Pink Tourmaline are gemstones that represent mothers well. As summarized in Part 2, Black Chalcedony represents strength, power, passion, and determination. While Pink Tourmaline represents love, compassion, and gentleness. The Wildbloom Earrings and Ring set is a perfect example for a Mother’s Day gift for a special mom. 


Moon rituals have been practiced since ancient times and have continued through the years. When there’s a full moon, some people use it to focus inward and set intentions; and others seek to tap into the divine. As discussed in Part 2, Amethyst is a gemstone believed to promote spiritual and emotional healing – so it’s a great gemstone for this ceremony. An example gift for yourself or others is the Jupiter Moons Amethyst and Moonstone Cuff Bracelet.


Celebrate good times, come on! [Please check out the suggestions in Part 2 of the blog here.]


Partners in covenant relationships deserve to be acknowledged. Commemorate your own marriage milestones and those of your liked/loved ones. Use the following table as a guide of recognized gemstones by anniversary year, and then check out the gemstone collections at Amorcito.us for great example gifts.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversary Year
Traditional Gemstones/Jewelry Pieces
Alternative Gemstones/Jewelry Pieces
Gold Jewelry
*Peridot; Mother of Pearl
*Rose Quartz
*Jadeite; Jade
*Blue Topaz
Blue Zircon
*Pink Tourmaline
*Black Chalcedony; *Citrine; Yellow Sapphire; Golden Beryl
Lapis Lazuli
*Amethyst; Morganite; Green Spinel
*Blue Tourmaline; *Blue Chalcedony; *Moonstone; Blue Sapphire
*Citrine; Yellow Zircon
*Jadeite; *Opal; Jade
*Moonstone; Hawk’s Eye
Agate; Bloodstone
*Labradorite; *Rose Quartz; Rhodolite Garnet; Alexandrite
*Green Chalcedony; *Peridot; Yellow Diamond
Silver Jewelry
*Jadeite; Jade
*Green Chalcedony; *Peridot; Yellow Diamond
*Labradorite; *Rose Quartz; Rhodolite Garnet; Alexandrite
*Pink Tourmaline
Gold Jewelry
*Peridot; Mother of Pearl

*Gemstone pieces available at Amorcito.us

My hope is that this 3-part series is a helpful resource that you can come back and use as much as you want – and you’ll share it with others. Everyone has a birthday, right? 🎉

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