The Amorcito Standard

Embrace the narrative that is Amorcito's obsession with perfection. Every curve, cut, and hue is a tribute to our relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that our jewelry isn't just an accessory but a timeless masterpiece.

While we love a good solid gold piece, we invite you to venture into the world of our revolutionary gold plating technology.
At Amorcito, we bring you the opulence of solid gold, captured in an enduring plating technique that pledges resistance to wear and the whims of time.

Why We Believe That Plated Silver Is The Best Choice Aside From Solid Gold 

The Artistry of 14k Gold Plating

In the realm of fine jewelry, the quest for resilience and radiance often reaches a crossroads. Solid gold, while luxurious, bears a softness that yields to dents and daily wear. Here, at Amorcito, our solution is not just a compromise but an enhancement: the artistry of 14k gold plating.

Durability Meets Brilliance

Our choice of materials speaks volumes about our commitment to lasting elegance. We employ quality-certified sterling silver, known for its durable character, serving as a formidable base for our creations. This strength ensures each piece can withstand the rigors of time, while providing a sturdy canvas for our genuine gold plating.

Adhesion Perfected

Why sterling silver? Beyond durability, it cradles our 14k gold plating with an affinity unparalleled by other compounds. This perfect harmony between silver and gold ensures a seamless, enduring bond, promising an exceptional standard of adhesion and aesthetic finish.

The Test of Time

Concerns over tarnishing are legitimate in the sphere of precious creations. Yet, Amorcito defies this transience. Our gold-plated pieces champion a resistance to oxidation, with a tarnish life extending significantly longer than industry norms. It is not unusual for our jewelry to embrace their brilliance well beyond the two-year mark, a testament to our advanced techniques and quality materials.

Our Pledge of Perpetual Radiance

We stand by our craftsmanship. So much so, we offer a unique reassurance: should your piece surrender its sheen before completing two years, we invite you back for a complimentary replating service. This commitment doesn't pause; post-service, your jewelry's replating guarantee resets, embarking on a new two-year journey of assured radiance. It's not just a promise; it's our legacy intertwined with yours.

Heirlooms of the Future

Amorcito envisions jewelry that transcends fleeting trends and time itself. Our pieces are conceived with the future in mind, aspiring to be cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. This vision is encapsulated in our 14k gold plating process, promising a timeless allure that can recount stories and evoke memories for years to come.

Through this detailed exploration, we've entrenched Amorcito's 14k gold plating not just as a viable alternative but a superior choice for discerning patrons. The narrative strengthens customer trust, ensuring they feel not only the value of their investment but also an emotional connection to the brand's vision and legacy.

Recap Of Our Quality Commitments

Two-Year Replating:
Enjoy our no-hassle, 2-year replating service, renewing your piece's brilliance, anytime it needs.


Ten-Year Gold Assurance:

Experience peace of mind with a 10-year guarantee on all solid gold items, covering repairs for breakage or warping.


Year-Long Stone Replacement:

Never worry about lost stones. We secure your jewelry's perfection with a 1-year free replacement promise.

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