Remember that one time you vacationed on the Cote d'Azure?  Summer vibes everywhere?  Never wanted to leave?  Okay, maybe that never happened but if it did, you know what I'm talking about.  And when you do go, you will appreciate all the inspiration that went into this collection. 

Friends and family know that I love travel and will do whatever it takes to hop on a plane.  Most of my vacations consist of jaunt to flea market to find stones, materials, color inspiration - anything that gives me ideas for my next collection.  This one is totally and completely inspired by the effortless and bright French girl who loves meeting up with her friends for a bite or seeking out the best little beach to lounge in the sun.

I hope you love all the colors, designs and finishes in this brand new ETE (summer in French) collection as much as I do.  So glad you're here!