Do you tassel?

Jan 29, 2018

How do you style yourself?  Do you rely mostly on your makeup skills to pull your overall look together?  Or do you rely on statement accessories or clothing to get you by?

I, personally do not like wearing a lot of makeup.  I love skin care products, deep conditioning treatments and a healthy diet.  This may be why I rely on accessories for my finished look.  

If you are taking care of yourself, what is the need for all the cover up?  But, why not enhance your natural beauty with a pop of color on the eyes or a flattering lip stain?  Maybe even a statement earring or necklace with a material that exaggerates your eye color or compliments your skin tone. 

Tassel earrings provide an easy way to enhance your facial features and hairstyles while keeping you, well, YOU. Here are some other products that I personally LOVE that will give you that added "extra" without being overwhelming or signaling that you may be hiding something.  Let's be REAL this year! Cause nobody likes fake news (or orange skin).


Amorcito ;)


Glossier "Boy Brow"

Glossier "Cloud Paint"

Buying vs Bestowing

Nov 08, 2016

Well guys, it's that time of year again.  How often do you hear this phrase?! Yes, it is the ever anticipated holiday season. I say this with the utmost respect toward the lovers of this time of year. And don't get me wrong. I'm no Grinch and I love the spirit and positivity seeking atmosphere this time of year but the one thing I don't fall about with excitement for is the shallow obsession for consumerism we are urged to take on as our burden during this, what should be, a genuinely loving holiday.

Now of course, I love gift giving and gift receiving.  I mean, hello!  I've built a business off of this exact idea. But must we seek to please our nearest and dearest and keep their ever sought after love by buying them material goods?  Material goods with empty significance? Material goods that may cost you a wad but have no sentimental value?

What do you think about the idea of being inspired by someones personality and "to have a more perfect world" goals?  Take your mom for example.  In your eyes she may be an independent, free spirit.  She may love the scent of roses and keep a pristine garden.  She may love cooking and feeding others to show her love.  Or she could be the strong silent type who shows her love for others by advising (sometimes unwanted advice but eventually appreciated). Now, take that idea of what your mother may reflect in your eyes and become inspired by a book, a new skill class, a piece of jewelry (wink, wink) and present her with that.  Don't listen to what the retail industry might think they know about your loved one.  Listen to YOU because YOU know them best.  Don't get caught up on price (am I spending enough?)  or whether it's something you like or not.  Get caught up in inspiration and give from your heart because they can't deny how you see them. 

And the best part of this gifting style?  They will always appreciate that you took the time to contemplate what they mean to you and there will always be a story behind your gift.  You can't say the same for an expensive new IPhone can you?  And I can honestly say that when I've used this gifting style, I've never felt that it wasn't enough.  Even if they couldn't quite fake the "I love it" expression as well as you and they might have hoped, I still feel accomplished because I always have that back story to let them in on why I picked this specifically for them. I always hold onto the prospect that one day they might see themselves in the same way and then adorn themselves with whatever bohemian, free-spirited necklace, earthy pair of leggings or rockstar sunglasses I've bestowed.

Lots of love to you this holiday season and keep a pure and anxious spirit! 


Bringin Back The 90's & It Feels So Good!

Feb 18, 2016

Things are starting to heat up here in SoCal and thank goodness for that!!  I'm not sure if this gorgeous weather is planning on sticking around but I have my fingers crossed because I'm such a better person when its warm!  Better mentally, physically and fashionably.  But let's be honest, who isn't? With that in mind, I am not one of those who gets her inspiration from chunky knits and hats + boots and cozy fabrics.  Yes, I do love the way they feel on my skin but, my fashion is more along the lines of "keep it simple and add a statement piece".  That's why summer time is my season and a great season for Amorcito.  It's easy to get away with a basic white tee and cut offs paired with a cool, brightly colored or exotically textured piece of jewelry.

This brings me to what I'm foreseeing as the new trend for these sunnier months to come.  And that is chokers, of course.  Yes, chokers, just like the 90's but not exactly like the 90's. More like the 90's with a face lift.  This time around, the chokers are made of higher quality materials like leather, lace and dainty wires rather than cheap, cheezy looking fabrics and plastic (I might or might not have some embarrassing school photos to make my point). 

I'm absolutely loving the touch of class that's been added to the typical grunge style chokers and what really makes these pieces pop is clothing one might pair with them.  Wear your chokers with softer materials in rose blushes, creamy pastels and creamy whites or any color lace.  By the way, did you see the Pantone color of 2016 is Rose Quartz? How perfect is that?

This combination of soft colors and quality materials seems to soften the harsh look that a choker might otherwise exhibit.  This look is more refined and quite sexy against the skin. 

Watch out for some of these sweet, sumptuous styles at Amorcito this Spring.  They are sure to please.   And go enjoy the sunshine!!

-Vanessa M.



San Diego Jewelry Trends for Winter - Earrings

Nov 23, 2015
Yes, winter. I know, I don’t want to believe it either. Especially when I live in San Diego and my wardrobe consists of shorts and tanks. What will I wear?! But, you know what does make me want to embrace the season? Fashion!

Winter fashion in San Diego is a bit ambiguous. First, you must consider that the weather in the winter season can go from 50 degrees in the morning to 75 degrees in the afternoon. For me, this requires two outfits. But what it doesn’t require is two jewelry changes. San Diego jewelry style is beautiful because it doesn’t require one to go above and beyond to make a statement. The understated, elegant piece goes very far here. Most basic pieces can be “dressed down” as well as “dressed up”.

Take for example, the most current earring trend, the ear jacket (see photo below). I love wearing these with a basic white draping tee and white, cut-off shorts (the “no white after labor day” rule has been null since the 90’s okay?)

The ear jacket, whether sparkly and full of gems or geometric heavy metals like the Greta earring, this style adds never ending excitement to your basic outfit. Alternatively, ear jackets can complement whatever stylish frock you may be rocking that evening.   If you have yet to try an ear jacket, I highly suggest you do! I even wore a pair on my wedding day this past summer and believe me, they were more than enough!

Vanessa’s Wedding 2015, Sea Gem Ear Jacket by Altier Mon

Greta Ear Jacket, Gold Fill, by Amorcito (Fall 2015 Line)