Your Guide to Cherishing Your Amorcito Jewelry
At Amorcito, we craft our pieces to last, with each item created to add eternal elegance to your cherished moments. To ensure your gold-plated sterling silver jewelry continues to shine bright and stay beautiful, we've prepared this comprehensive care guide for you. Plus, we've included a magical touch to make the process even easier!
Daily Care: Keep the Sparkle Alive
  1. Gentle Wear: While our jewelry is designed for everyday elegance, it's important to remember that gold-plated sterling silver can be vulnerable to scratches. Try to avoid direct contact with hard surfaces or other metals.
  2. Chemical Caution: Exposure to chemicals can affect the luster of your piece. Please remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, or using harsh cleaning supplies.
  3. Temperature and Environment: Store your pieces in a cool, dark place when they're not being worn.

    Cleaning: Simple Steps to Brilliance
    1. Soft Cleaning: Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to gently clean your jewelry. It’s perfect for removing light tarnish and dirt.

    2. Water Touch: For a bit more cleaning power, a soft cloth slightly dampened with warm water can do wonders. Remember, it's damp, not wet! Dry your jewelry immediately afterward with a clean, soft cloth.

    3. No Harsh Chemicals: Avoid traditional jewelry cleaning fluids, as they can be too aggressive and tarnish the gold plating.

    The Magic of Storage: Your Amorcito Jewelry Bag
    Every piece you purchase comes with a special companion – a cute little jewelry bag known for its unique self-cleaning characteristic. Here's how it works:
    1. Natural Cleaning: The material of your Amorcito jewelry bag is designed to naturally clean off impurities from your jewelry. By simply placing your pieces into the bag when they're not being worn, you assist their self-maintenance process.

    2. Regular Use: Make it a habit to store your jewelry in this bag overnight or whenever you're not adorning yourself with it. This regular cycle ensures that the natural cleaning properties of the bag material consistently care for your pieces.

    3. One Jewelry at a Time: To maintain its effectiveness, it's recommended to store only one piece of jewelry in each bag.

    4. Safe and Sound: Besides keeping your jewelry clean, the bag also protects it from environmental exposure, scratches, and tarnish.

    A Little Extra Love
    If your jewelry requires more thorough cleaning or if it's time to use your replating guarantee, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Amorcito, we're committed to ensuring your jewelry's lifelong brilliance and charm.
    Thank you for trusting Amorcito. Together, we make beauty both timeless and sustainable.
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