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Be One With Nature in These Unique Jewelry Pieces

Just like the elements we find in nature, every woman is distinctly and naturally beautiful – each adding to the beauty of the world. With that, each element of a jewelry piece contributes to its overall allure. That is the inspiration behind Amorcito. Amorcito’s minimalistic and sweet styles are designed for creative, artistic and fashionable women. Amorcito means “sweetheart” in Spanish and translates to “little love.” Vanessa Murnane, creator and designer, describes each jewelry piece as a “little love” to be cherished and worn with confidence.

Many of the designs are inspired by California – from its beautiful coastline to its majestic mountain ranges. Although each piece is uniquely fashioned, every design has a delicate and dainty refinement expressing a sense of wonder and femininity. Created with fine stones and precious metals that are responsibly sourced or hand-picked from exotic markets and antique shops around the world, each item is truly special and like no other.

Amorcito is dedicated to assisting victims of domestic abuse, with a portion of sales benefiting No Silence No Violence. Every piece in the Azuma collection is inspired by “A Flower for a Flower” to protect the vulnerable and encourage the opportunity to bloom once again.

As the sole designer, Vanessa has such a passion for this art. It is a true labor of love. Her Amorcito.




Today we’d like to introduce you to Vanessa Murnane.

Vanessa, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
My story begins with an upbringing in a small town of Idaho. While there was not a lot to do other than explore nature, I indulged in anything artistic. I sketched and painted for most of my life before stumbling upon jewelry making. I wasn’t aware of another medium other than paints that would fulfill my need to create. Jewelry making has been that since I discovered it about 6 years ago.

I used to make jewelry for fun until I was encouraged by my peers and husband to look into doing it as a full time career. It was a daunting decision as I was working for a commercial real estate firm at the time and that job had much more security. But I took the leap and locked down my first account with a boutique in downtown San Diego. I have loved it ever since and I feel proud that I didn’t play it safe because I am so happy now doing what I love.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I create what I call “little loves” (hence the name “Amorcito”) My jewelry line can be described as mixture of light, dainty and minimalistic creations. I like to keep my designs understated to allow for layering and complementing bold pieces of clothing or accessories. Although the pieces are small, they are strong. Everything is created with an acute attention to detail, right down to the cut and shape of the gemstone.

Every piece is designed and hand forged in my shop in Coronado and every piece is an expression of myself and the nature surrounding me in beautiful southern California. I love having control over the way each piece turns out. I love picking out stones to match a customer’s personality. One Opal might have just enough pink or not enough green and that is what I love about doing what I do. It’s a form of styling and I am very inspired by fashionable women and men.

Another source of inspiration is the landscape that is indigenous to the area I am in at the time. While southern Californina is my home base, there are so many other beautiful places throughout the world and every so often I will create a tribute line to a place I have traveled to. While I’m there, I pick out stones and metals and concoct designs that pay homage to these places.

My hope is that when wearing Amorcito, one will be inspired with confidence in the beauty of themselves and other cultures and their connection with the nature that surrounds.

Any advice for aspiring or new artists?
Reach out for advice! I was told to do this when I first began promoting my jewelry line. I think it is easy to create. As an artist, you will always find a way to make something better or more efficiently because you love what you are doing. Don’t worry about that aspect. The hard part is reaching out for the help to promote what you are doing so you can continue to do it and hopefully turn it into a career. It’s about humbling yourself and realizing that we are all students and there are many people out there who will feel flattered to be able to transfer possession of some of the information they acquired through their own personal journey. It never hurts to ask.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
You can view the entire line online at If you are in north county, San Diego, stop by Caravan West in Encinitas or Metaphor boutique in Vista to get a first-hand look at Amorcito. If in LA, stop by the showroom at Joken Style at the Newmart building.

Support in its best form for me is through word of mouth. If you know someone who is looking to create a custom gift for a loved one or you know someone who would like to carry the line, please email me at or follow Amorcito on Instagram via @amorcito_jewelry


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