The 9 Muses Collection

Channel your inner Greek goddess with The 9 Muses Collection.

Inspired by the divine feminine, each gemstone necklace in this collection represents one of the nine daughters of Zeus (the king of gods) and Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory.)  These ethereal deities were considered muses in Classical mythology because they served as inspiration to those working in creative fields such as poets, artists, musicians, and dancers.

Think of each necklace as your own personal muse, inspiring you to tap into your divine feminine power and to be unapologetically YOU. Treat yourself, hunny!

Ourania: The Muse of Astronomy

Pink tourmaline stones intertwine with all the hues of the galaxy, to bring you Uri.

For the traveling goddess catching a redeye tomorrow but stargazing tonight. She’s the queen of full moon rituals and impromptu tarot card readings.


A handheld telescope and a shimmery cat eye


Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Self-Healing

Polyhymnia: The Muse of Sacred Poetry

The Poly Necklace features a single rose-toned tourmaline stone that hangs delicately on the chest with an understated elegance.

For the literary goddess, known for her poetic one-liners and mailing handwritten letters on special occasions. She owns every edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets and has impeccable taste in fine wine.


A feather quill pen and Chanel perfume


Friendship, Joy, and Empathy

Thalia: The Muse of Comedy

Featuring a single emerald gemstone, the Thalia necklace is powerful, feminine, and can be worn with virtually any outfit.

For the fun and fearless, ‘the Life of the Party’ goddess. She’s the great uniter, bringing together the most diverse friend groups for weekly dinner parties and channeling her humorous main character energy into every open mic night.


Gold bangles and matte red lipstick


Patience, Loyalty, and Integrity

Terpsichore: The Muse of Dance

Both delicate and regal, the Terpsi necklace features a single blue sapphire stone that is sure to look gorgeous on any skin tone.

For the athletic goddess. You’ll find her teaching Pilates in the morning and dancing bachata by sunset. She’s on the move, whether running on the treadmill or running to catch the subway.


Spotify subscription and New Balance sneakers


Stress Release, Self-Realization, and Strength

Clio: The Muse of History

Clio features teardrop Labradorite stones, beautifully interspersed on a faceted gold link chain, much like the passing of bygone eras.


For the scholar goddess, holding Socrates in one hand and a latte in the other. You can find her at your local café discussing philosophy with the barista. She majored in history and minored in the subtle wink.


A leather bound journal and vintage reading glasses


Physical Wellbeing, Stress Release, and Mental Clarity

Calliope: The Muse of Epic Poetry

Adorned with several rectangular amethysts, the Calli necklace is an elegant statement piece that shines without the need for layering.

For the writer goddess. She’s the bilingual babe who’s never at a loss for words. She has a talent for making, "go to hell" sound like a compliment, and she’s the friend you call before hitting "send" on that email to your annoying coworker.


A calligraphy fountain pen and diamond barrette


Physical Health, Stress Release, and Strengthened Immunity

Melpomene: The Muse of Tragedy

The Mel necklace features an array of Peridot stones that sit beautifully on the neckline for an eye-catching look.

For the theatrical goddess. Move over Scarlett O’Hara, this necklace is for the leading lady. She’s a master at fabricating and listening to her tell stories is like sitting in the front row at the latest box office hit, plot twists included.


NYX eyeshadow palette and a faux fur


Release of Toxins, Strengthened Immunity, and Self-Awareness

Erato: The Muse of Love Poetry

The Erato is a fun and vibrant necklace featuring an assortment of

interspersed tourmaline gemstones in bold hues.

For the romantic goddess who’s unashamed to admit that she loves a good rom-com. Her favorite pastime is playing matchmaker for her single friends and she’s mastered the art of ambiance and luxurious bubble baths.

A cashmere sweater and aromatherapy candle collection


Compassion, Prosperity, and Self-Worth

Euterpe: The Muse of Music

The Euterpe necklace emanates serenity and tranquility, adorned with clusters of amethysts that are sure to draw admiring glances.

For the musician goddess. She’s the backbone of the band and she knows every DJ in town. She’s a local on the scene and you’ll most likely find her killing a guitar solo at the hottest show of the year.


Vinyl records and Doc Martens


Strengthened Immunity, Vitality, and Stress Release

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