About The Artist

Amorcito means “sweetheart” in Spanish and is translated to English as "little love." This was a nickname given to the artist, Vanessa by her husband. The namesake for the minimalistic and sweet designs, Amorcito has become a go to jewelry line for creative, artistic and fashionable women alike.

Vanessa describes each piece as a “little love” to be cherished as it is inspired and sourced by the unpretentious beauty of nature in and around the San Diego community and other beautifully landscaped territories throughout the world.

The majority of Vanessa's designs begin with inspiration from the great state of California – from its beautiful coastline, to the sprawling deserts, majestic mountain ranges, ancient redwood forests, and grand rivers and waterfalls. No two places, trees, rocks, rivers or waterfalls are ever the same and they all contribute to the beauty of our planet. With that idea in mind, Vanessa recognizes that no stone, metal or even silk strand is exactly the same and every individualized piece contributes to the beauty of a woman. Every woman is distinctly and naturally beautiful, so Vanessa aims to design and make jewelry that adorns and honors her exclusive grace -- and perhaps her wanderlust spirit, vulnerable heart, gypsy soul, creative mind, strong will, and/or her ever-resilient and sacred body.

Stones and materials used are always responsibly sourced and whenever possible, derived from local suppliers.  This is done with a genuine effort to support fellow artists and workers. The Amorcito jewelry line utilizes completely natural gemstones and metals.  Examples include: Lapiz, Chalcedony, Crystal Quartz, Druzy varieties, Moonstone and Sterling Silver + Gold Fill.

Every so often, Vanessa produces a tribute line to pay homage to the beautiful places throughout the world.  Every part of the planet has stones and materials indigenous to their landscape and culture.  Brazil, Peru, Spain, Argentina, France, Italy, Mexico and Turkey are just a few countries who have provided inspiration and produced beautiful natural stones used by Amorcito.

When donning your Amorcito jewelry, you will be inspired with confidence in your own beauty and congruity with nature.  Perhaps you might even be inspired to see the beauty in other people, places and cultures.