Bringin Back The 90's & It Feels So Good!

Things are starting to heat up here in SoCal and thank goodness for that!!  I'm not sure if this gorgeous weather is planning on sticking around but I have my fingers crossed because I'm such a better person when its warm!  Better mentally, physically and fashionably.  But let's be honest, who isn't? With that in mind, I am not one of those who gets her inspiration from chunky knits and hats + boots and cozy fabrics.  Yes, I do love the way they feel on my skin but, my fashion is more along the lines of "keep it simple and add a statement piece".  That's why summer time is my season and a great season for Amorcito.  It's easy to get away with a basic white tee and cut offs paired with a cool, brightly colored or exotically textured piece of jewelry.

This brings me to what I'm foreseeing as the new trend for these sunnier months to come.  And that is chokers, of course.  Yes, chokers, just like the 90's but not exactly like the 90's. More like the 90's with a face lift.  This time around, the chokers are made of higher quality materials like leather, lace and dainty wires rather than cheap, cheezy looking fabrics and plastic (I might or might not have some embarrassing school photos to make my point). 

I'm absolutely loving the touch of class that's been added to the typical grunge style chokers and what really makes these pieces pop is clothing one might pair with them.  Wear your chokers with softer materials in rose blushes, creamy pastels and creamy whites or any color lace.  By the way, did you see the Pantone color of 2016 is Rose Quartz? How perfect is that?

This combination of soft colors and quality materials seems to soften the harsh look that a choker might otherwise exhibit.  This look is more refined and quite sexy against the skin. 

Watch out for some of these sweet, sumptuous styles at Amorcito this Spring.  They are sure to please.   And go enjoy the sunshine!!

-Vanessa M.